Ancient Culture

Many Christians believe that the head covering was a symbol derived from ancient human culture and thus applied only to the Christians in ancient times who lived in that culture.

However, when I read the passage, I simply don't see Paul actually saying anything at all about culture!
Paul does tell us why women should cover & men uncover their heads --- but his reasons have nothing to do with human culture.

If you want to know specifically why each of the above cultural reasons does not make sense, take a look at
"Covered Glory" by David Philips
which may be downloaded free here

Also check out
"The Head Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11"
by Paul K. Williams
which may be downloaded free here

I was brought up & still believe in the
Restoration movement -- a plea not just to reform departure from the scripture, 
but to go "back to the Bible",
to restore the original New Testament pattern.

We believe in:
* speaking where the Bible speaks
* being silent where the Bible is silent

and yet on this one particular passage 
most of my brethren do not apply these Restoration principles,
and they cannot seem to see that Paul is completely 
SILENT about human culture!

It makes me feel very puzzled & very sad. 

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