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HELPS Word-Studies:  "properly, inner nature, the underlying constitution or make-up of someone (something)"

Below is a good sermon snippet -- a 10-minute video -- about how long is "long" and how short is "short"?

Head Covering, the Long and Short


Some will point out that the lion is a part of Nature and God's Creation but it is the male which has the "long hair" whereas the lioness has no mane.  

But the animals, although a part of Nature and God's Creation, were not made in the likeness and image of God; Man was.

So what is Man's nature?  What is human nature? What is the most elemental, basic, innate characteristics and make-up of being human?

Humans are complementary, gendered beings.  (So are the animals; but one difference is that humans can choose the length of their hair and to override the instincts or teaching of Nature  --- animals  cannot.)

The male human alone is incomplete; and the female human alone is incomplete.  Male & female are opposites, yet they fit together to make a Unity.  

Alone, each is half of a whole.  Joined together, they are One.
Each Half has its part / role / function to perform in creating the Unity --- that is its nature.

This verse is speaking of the nature of being human; the nature of masculinity and femininity; the nature of Mankind as God created him/her in the beginning in His own image. 

This essence of being masculine or feminine is a part of our make-up as created by God at the beginning of Time.  If we deny our own masculinity or femininity, we deny our own humanity.

(This is one reason why the sexual sins are wrong (adultery, fornication, homosexuality, etc.) --- they destroy God's creation.)

Having short hair, for humans, is masculine.
Having long hair, for humans, is feminine.

When a man grows his hair long, he is acting in a womanish way.
And when a woman cuts her hair short, she is acting in a mannish way.

Our own masculine or feminine nature teaches us that.  The sad part is that we can't hear nature's teaching because our ears have been dulled by worldly culture, our own vanity, self-will, preconceived ideas, etc.

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