I have noticed that some websites have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you can find them on the first few pages of a google search; but others are harder to find.  So I thought it would be good to have a collection of websites in one place.

This will take you to a lot of information about the head covering.  I plan to add more links from time to time.

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A website by Paul K. Williams, a Christian preacher who lives in South Africa.  You can download his book, The Head Coverings of 1 Corinthians 11, here for free or just read on the website.  He also has a number of good articles by different people on the site, such as Command or Custom by H. O. Hutto, A Symbol of Glory by Andree Seu, A Christian Woman's Journey, by A Wordy Woman, and others.

The Head Covering Movement
A website started by Jeremy Gardiner, a member of Fellowship Baptist Church.  It has many good articles and videos on the head covering as well as testimonies from women who wear head coverings, links, etc.

Covered Glory
A web site by David Phillips.  You can download his book-article Covered Glory here for free.  It is very well-written, articulate, easy to read.

Blue Banner
One of the first articles about the head covering I found on the internet, Paul's Discourse on the Use of Head Coverings During Public Worship by Richard Bacon.  It's a really good article.  There are 2 parts: PART 1 and PART 2

This website contains the first article I found on the internet about the head covering.  This article by Sarah Zwicker, written in 2006, was the one that turned on the light for me.  For the first time I realized what the symbol meant.

Head Covering, the "Long and Short"
A 10 minute video on YouTube posted by Dale Ferguson.  How long should a woman's hair be?

Homer Hailey on the Head Covering
A sermon by Homer Hailey, teaching that the head covering was an ancient Corinthian custom and not valid for Christians today.  Click HERE for a short discussion of an inconsistency in his argument.

La Vista church of Christ website   Some good articles on the head covering; go to "Articles" and then scroll down to "H" for head covering.


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