When I was in my thirties, I once studied the Sabbath after reading a tract a Seventh Day Adventist friend had given me.  It was a booklet called "The Repairing of Sam Brown" by Robert Bruce Thurber; it was only about 4" x 5" in size but had 48 pages and 55 quotes from scripture.

I spent almost every evening after work for about 4 months studying this topic.  At first I read tracts and articles written by those of my own persuasion to find answers to Mr. Thurber's arguments, but that really didn't help much.  The topic just seemed to get more complicated and harder to understand; I was beginning to wonder if perhaps I needed to begin observing the Sabbath.

Finally I decided to go to the Bible itself and see what it said.  I wanted to study with the goal of finding the truth; not just finding support for what I already believed.

I looked up every occurrence of the word "sabbath" in the New Testament and the following is what resulted.  This  information fits onto an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, front and back.

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