What does it mean to be "shorn"?  Does it mean all the hair is cut off?  Does it mean to just get a short haircut?  Does it mean to just get your hair trimmed?
I am of course no Greek scholar, but from simply looking these words up
in my Strong's Exhaustive Concordance I gathered
the following information:

Some believe that since Paul said, 

"IF it is shameful for a woman to be shorn or shaved" in verse 6,

that means there might be cases (or human cultures) where it is not shameful,
and that if a Christian lives in a culture where it is not shameful for a woman to have a bald head (like our modern culture where anything goes), it wouldn't be shameful to not wear a covering either,  since in verse 5 Paul says they are "one and the same".

This argument ignores verse 15 which tells us that God gave woman her hair as a covering, and that her hair is her glory.

This is a fact of God's Creation (nature), not anything devised by any human culture.

Actually, the word "if" is used many times in scripture simply as a more emphatic way to say "since":

This is the way "if" is being used in 1 Corinthians 11:6

There may be some cultures where women have chosen to override their God-given instinctive sense of shame and shave their heads.
God has created us as free moral agents and we can choose to reject His natural laws if we wish.
But no matter what human cultures accept or what worldly people have chosen to do, God gave woman her hair to be a covering and it is her glory --- and the opposite of that is shameful.

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