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1 Corinthians 11:2-16 does not tell women what kind of covering to wear or how to wear it.  

The New Testament does not tell Christians which specific songs to sing, either --- it just says to "sing and make melody in your heart"with "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs".  We can understand from those general instructions that we shouldn't be singing "Camptown Races" or "Over the River and Through the Woods" in our worship.  As long as it is a hymn or a spiritual song, though, we are free to sing any particular song we wish.

I believe it is the same way with the head covering.  Women are simply given the general command to cover their heads.  We are not told specifically what kind of style, material, color, etc., so we are free to choose any particular kind we wish, as long as it covers the head.  It should also, of course, follow other Biblical guidelines, such as being modest, not calling undue attention or being too expensive, etc. (see section on "Biblical Woman" at right)

Lampshades and garbage can lids can be ruled out --- they would be silly and call undue attention.  

Headbands don't cover the head, they only cover a part of the head.  A number of hats only cover a part of the head as well.

The face does not need to be covered.  Paul uses "nature itself" as a cue in verses 14-15, and we can understand that when God gave Woman her hair as a natural covering, it did not cover her face (men have beards and moustaches, not women).

When I first began to wear a head covering in church, I used a piece of lace which I bought from the fabric store and which I tried to cut into a suitable shape (at the time, I didn't know where to buy a "head covering").

After reading Richard Bacon's article (see "Links" section at right) I now believe my hair should be covered also (after all, if "Man's glory" needs to be covered in God's presence, then shouldn't "Woman's glory" need to be covered as well?)

I also began to wonder whether lace really "covered",  since you could see through it.  Something that covers something else should hide it from view.  

So now I wear a thin 34"-35" square silk scarf which works really well for me.  It is opaque so you can't see through it, and by folding and hand-sewing down one corner it covers my entire head and hair, even when I wear my long hair down (and I have grown my hair out to about mid-shoulder-blade length).  If I had really long hair, I would simply twist it up to hide it under my scarf.

This size of thin silk scarf is inexpensive and lightweight and folds up small, so it's easy to carry around (I get mine from Amazon).

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